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“I used PaySAFE® Escrow to handle my vehicle transaction. My experience was absolutely fabulous. PaySAFE® was easy to use and very trustworthy.  – Elaine S.

“PaySAFE® Escrow was very easy to use and their customer service was extremely responsive and helpful.” – Tyler B.

“We used this service in September 2017 to purchase a vehicle long-distance. They were completely professional from start to finish. Very knowledgeable and informative. He explained the process in detail and made sure all aspects of our transaction were seamless to me the buyer as well as for the seller. We are both extremely satisfied with the service provided and we would definitely deal with these folks again if the need arose.” – Larry K.

“I recently purchased a Rolls Royce automobile from a private party in Florida. I used PaySAFE® Escrow to handle the transfer of funds and documents. Their system was simple, fast, and secure. The transaction went as smoothly as my new car drives. I will use their services when purchasing automobiles or expensive machinery from now on. Thanks, PaySAFE.” – James A.

“This is a great service and they make the whole process of selling a collector car easy. Their software is well designed and will lead both the buyer and seller through the steps for a successful transaction. PaySAFE® was great and was always available by phone if you needed them. If you follow their suggestions, I’m sure you will be pleased. I also received payment within hours of the buyer’s approval to release funds. Real professionals!” – Greg R.

“I was a seller of a classic vehicle the buyer wanted to buy sight unseen because he was in a different state. I was concerned with selling that way because of all of the problems I had heard about accepting cashier checks (being fake and such). We found PaySAFE®. PaySAFE® made the transaction easy and both of us were able to use it easily. As the seller, I was concerned with how I would get payment, but I must say it was quick and they did an ACH into my bank. I would highly recommend PaySAFE®.” – Linda S.

“PaySAFE® worked flawlessly. The workflow was clear, communication great and the process secure. I would use again without hesitation. Great tool for making purchases remotely.” – John M.

“Okay, I was skeptical. I purchased a vehicle using PaySAFE® as the third-party to handle the money exchange. It was very affordable and they were super helpful and available by phone. I would most definitely use PaySAFE® again. Hope that eases your mind! I was so nervous, but they were real easy to work with for the buyer and seller.” – Kristi B.

“Very professional – every time I called they answered. Great people to do business with and I would highly recommend them to everyone.” – Rene M.

“I have processed several transactions through PaySAFE® Escrow, each involving significant sums of money, and I could not be happier with their service. The first transaction was over [price redacted] and I was a little apprehensive, but It went well. Several transactions later, I have absolute confidence in their integrity and efficiency. Would recommend them to anyone who needs an online escrow service.” – J.E.

“I used PaySAFE® when I was selling my car. It is a perfect solution and highly recommended, the staff is friendly and the whole transaction was a breeze.” – Tamer O.

“Used PaySAFE® for the first time for car transaction. It is safe, friendly and makes both parties feel at ease. By the way, great idea and concept. Easy to fill out and very quick with the transaction too. Worked like a champ with no issue or hiccup.” – Moha H.

“An easy, safe and reliable service! I used it to purchase an out-of-state vintage BMW and your staff and site made the transaction a breeze. Very impressive!” – Jessie O.

“Fast, safe and easy to use. This website is great for transacting about anything.” – Kevin L.

“I need to express my positive experience with PaySAFE® Escrow. I sold a high-end sports car to a gentleman in Tennessee and I live in Texas. I had my car listed on a website and came to terms with the buyer via email, text and phone. Then it came down to the exchange of the funds, the delivery of the car and the risk. The buyer came up with the option of PaySAFE®. It was a win-win for the buyer and seller. As the seller, I had a question for PaySAFE® on a Saturday and I left a voicemail and sent an email and I got a call back and a response from my email on the same day from PaySAFE®. Talk about first-class service! The car was delivered and I received my funds via wire transfer. Simply the best!” – Al B.

“Recently I purchased a classic vehicle over the Internet. As I had never done this before, I had concerns about the transfer of funds. PaySAFE® Escrow was recommended to me by the company that would be transporting the car. I went to their website and familiarized myself with the process and liked what I saw. I then contacted PaySAFE® and explained my situation. They were extremely helpful and worked with me and the seller. It could not have gone any smoother for the transaction and I know both of us felt secure with the transfer of funds. The process is quite simple. Great company, great customer service, great website and great sense of security. Highly recommend!” – Bruce W.

“I was the seller for a transaction for an out-of-state car sale. The buyer and I both agree that this method was the safest and it was actually very quick and painless. I would use this again if I ever needed a secure way to do transactions.” – David L.

“Great service – customer service was helpful and responsive. Works as advertised.” – James L.

“Great service. Worked just like advertised and would use again.” – Brian O.

“Very safe and effective transaction. Company very responsive to any questions I had. I would use again and would highly recommend when moving any amount where you cannot personally be present.” – Michael S.

“For a first-time user of an escrow company, this is the way I would go from now on. PaySAFE® was very helpful talking me through the process every time I had any questions.” – Rob L.

“This was very simple to use and gave me confidence that I would receive the money on my vehicle sale.” – Paul A.

“I used PaySAFE® Escrow to purchase a classic car from out of state. After having the vehicle inspected and negotiating terms with the seller, I knew I wanted to use a third-party escrow company to facilitate the transaction. The transaction process was seamless and relatively inexpensive. I spoke to the seller afterwards and he commented that he was paid quickly and was impressed with how smooth the entire process went. I would highly recommend using PaySAFE® Escrow. I will never purchase another private-party vehicle again without using their services.” – Brandon M.

“I wanted to purchase a [vehicle name redacted] I found a few hours away from where I lived. The seller didn’t want to deliver without some sort of payment. I found PaySAFE® Escrow online and suggested it to the seller. After they looked into the company, they accepted our deal and PaySAFE® made our transaction extremely smooth.” – Michael L.

“They did everything exactly as promised and were friendly, helpful and efficient at every stage. I would highly recommend this service.” – Jon N.

“Have always been satisfied with PaySAFE®, and their service. Prompt, reliable, and above all safe. I would recommend them to anyone.” – Edward M.

“I bought a car on [website name redacted] and would have never done it without the easy to use safety of PaySAFE®. I’m not tech-savvy but it was very easy to follow and i got my car no worries. Will use PaySAFE® again for sure.” – Amy V.

“I have used the PaySAFE® Escrow service and found that it was very user-friendly and provided me with peace of mind. I cannot imagine purchasing anything of significant value sight unseen without using this service.” – Conley S.