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Are you a seller with a loan on your vehicle or a buyer who may need additional financing? We’ve partnered with Autopay, an online vehicle loan marketplace, to remove all barriers associated with the private sale and purchase of motor vehicles with outstanding loan commitments.

The PaySAFE®-AUTOPAY combination is unique in that it allows buyers and sellers who do not have a relationship or history of doing business to safely and securely transfer funds, clearing outstanding loan obligations on the part of the seller while simultaneously facilitating the transfer of title to the buyer.

Loan Payoff

The service’s workflow is easy to use and handles all aspects of the transaction including clearing an outstanding loan, documenting the purchase agreements and bills of sale, transmitting funds between buyer and seller and transferring the vehicle title.

If you are attempting to buy or sell a vehicle that currently has a loan on it, please complete the form below, and one of client service representatives will contact you.