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PaySAFE Advantages

PaySAFE® is the most trusted online platform for buyers and sellers of machinery. PaySAFE® provides users with the peace of mind to complete large financial transactions by providing a quick and trusted process that makes the transfer of assets safe, secure and simple. And specifically as it relates to the sale of and purchase of machinery, PaySAFE® escrow can significantly expedite the transaction with its easy to use online tools.

In a world rife with fraud and product misrepresentation, completing transactions online or via auction can be risky. Both buyers and sellers of machinery want confidence that the other party is legitimate. Without that confidence, there is a very real possibility that sellers will not participate in certain interactions or that buyers won’t show up in the first place.

Medical Equipment Escrow

The solution to this issue of trust is PaySAFE® Escrow. We empower users to buy and sell their valued assets with ease in a secure online environment. Users can create their transaction in minutes with our step-by-step instructions. We protect sellers by verifying the purchase before any transfer of goods occurs. We protect buyers by holding funds in a secure online escrow account. Our platform also leverages state-of-the-art encryption technology and continuously backs up important financial documents during and after a sales transaction.

PaySAFE® Escrow is web-based and no software is required. Our platform is provided by Accruit, a financial technology company that has nearly two decades of financial transaction experience and manages more than $8 billion annually.