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How PaySAFE® Works – Six Easy Steps

PaySAFE helps buyers and sellers complete financial transactions and transfer ownership through an online process that makes transactions safe, secure and simple.

Whether it is vintage cars, fine art, farm equipment or even website domain names, PaySAFE’s process gives buyers and sellers peace of mind that transactions are conducted fairly and according to your agreed terms.

1. create a transaction

1. Create a Transaction

A transaction is created by a buyer or seller with a free PaySAFE® account.

2. both parties agree to conditions

2. Both Parties Agree to Conditions

The other party is notified and has the opportunity to accept the transaction or negotiate its details until both parties agree.

3. buyer funds transaction

3. Buyer Funds Transaction

The buyer funds the transaction into PaySAFE®’s escrow account via wire transfer. Both parties are notified that all funds are in escrow and that it is safe to complete the transaction.

4. seller delivers goods and requests payment

4. Seller Delivers Goods & Requests Payment

Once the transaction details have been satisfied, the seller will request a release of funds. They may also upload useful documents.

5. buyer verifies delivery of goods

5. Buyer Verifies Delivery of Goods

The buyer confirms that the transaction has been completed as agreed and approves the release of funds.

6. releases funds to seller

6. PaySAFE® Releases Funds to Seller

PaySAFE® releases the funds directly into the seller’s bank account, and the transaction is closed.

Still have questions? See our FAQ page.