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Jerry, who lives in Missouri, found a beautiful 1964 Dodge Polara 500 Convertible for sale on an online classifieds website from a seller in Pennsylvania. After exchanging a few emails and phone calls, Jerry new he wanted the car, but was still hesitant at the idea of simply sending a check to a relative stranger, especially when the price tag of the Polara was nearly $50,000. He wanted to make sure everything about the classic car met the description the seller provided — to a T. That’s why he turned to PaySAFE, which provided peace of mind that his money was secure until he received the car.
The seller was also happy to use PaySAFE, as both parties needed to agree to the details of the transaction before it was officially completed, as PaySAFE gets financial commitment from the buyer upfront, making sure the seller gets paid on time, protecting him from payment fraud.
Both Jerry and the seller in Pennsylvania found that setting up the transaction was easy using PaySAFE’s paperwork-free online tools. After they both agreed to PaySAFE’s terms of use, the transaction was ready to be completed.
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As the transaction unfolded, Jerry and the seller were able to exchange messages via PaySAFE’s private communication board. Once all the details were agreed upon by both parties, the transaction was complete — and until this final point, no money was exchanged. Once again, PaySAFE leveled the playing field for both the buyer and seller.
Now Jerry is showing off his slick Polara convertible to his friends at the local car shows. Meanwhile, the seller is happy to have received the payment in a secure and timely manner, and is putting the money into restoring more classic cars for future sales.
For more information, check out how PaySAFE works on our website or give us a call at 402.881.7133.

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