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vehicle-inspection-diagramBuying or selling a vehicle can be stressful, so why bother adding another step to the process with a vehicle inspection? We all want to assume the best in others, but the sad reality is that there are sellers who attempt to hide known issues with vehicles – especially non-obvious issues – and an inspection may be the other way to root out the problem. Unless you’re fortunate enough to know the seller personally or happen be a mechanic yourself, a vehicle inspection is a smart way to protect yourself against misrepresentation.
No inspection can guarantee that the vehicle you’re interested in will be 100% free of issues, but having a neutral third party examine the car and provide a report can go a long way in putting any buyer’s mind at ease. Companies like Inspect My Ride will not only often come to the seller’s location to inspect the vehicle, but will also provide clear and concise documentation of any issues that are found. Most basic reports cost between $150 and $200 with common inspection categories including:

  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Wheels & Tires
  • Seating
  • Maintenance
  • Audio & Video
  • Under the Hood
  • Test Drive

Inspection companies will also often provide a few different options as to the level of detail involved in the inspection. As an example Inspect My Ride offers a basic inspection and a premium inspection. While both reports contain important items like photos, vehicle descriptions, and a short summary as to if the car was started by the technician, the premium report goes into much greater detail; even so far as to provide an overall vehicle score when compared to other similar vehicles of the same make and model.
Reports like the ones mentioned above can be even more helpful if the buyer and seller are separated by distance or the vehicle is being sold in ‘as is’ condition. You may already have the intention to put in some effort and restore or upgrade your next purchase, but knowing how much time and money will be required can help keeping your next dream car purchase from turning into a financial nightmare.
Already have your vehicle inspected? Check out these helpful tips when it comes to transporting your vehicle.


  1. This is some really great information for anyone planning on buying a used car. Having a vehicle inspected is a really important step that all too often people neglect, especially if you’re buying from an individual rather than a dealer. It’s true that most people selling their cars are trustworthy, but a few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch, so it’s a necessary and valuable step in the process. Thanks so much for writing!

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