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In 2011, fourth-generation banker Matt Medlock founded PaySAFE with a vision to change how business is transacted and level the playing field for both sides of transactions. PaySAFE’s mission, as a neutral third party, is to provide Secured Audited Funding and Escrow (SAFE) accounts at the highest level of integrity and reliability to facilitate consumer trust and business transparency.
How it Works
Through an easy-to-use online project management dashboard, PaySAFE provides both parties with a clear, detailed snapshot of each transaction. By including as much information as possible, including supporting documents and full descriptions of requested goods or services, both parties can assure transparency. And in the event of any disputes this information will be referenced.
Why it Matters
Using PaySAFE leads to better communication, timely delivery of goods and fewer disputes while promoting both parties integrity.

To find out more about how PaySAFE can work for your next transaction, visit our Company Info section on our website.

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