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car calcJust because your vehicle is old doesn’t automatically make it valuable. Any car collector worth his salt knows that there are many levels of value for any make and model. Because small variations can greatly affect the cumulative value of your classic dream car, it’s important to get a ballpark value for varying condition of your ideal purchase.
Since not everyone is fortunate enough to have an idedic memory, companies like Hagerty Insurance have put together valuation tools for classic vehicles. As a quick example of the breadth in value based on condition, a 1965 Ford Mustang 2-door Coupe can range from an estimated high-end value of nearly $50,000 down to barely $17,000.
So, once you’ve found your unicorn don’t let emotion override logic. Be sure to get a good idea as to the fair market value of any vehicle purchase based on condition and any potential repairs.
Below is a short list of some good places to start when it comes to vehicle valuations:

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