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Just like when exchanging other types of goods and services, artists often feel they’re at the mercy of the buyer when it comes to receiving a full, timely payment for their hard work. Oftentimes, as is the nature of creative work, the exact specifications of what the buyer expects of a commissioned piece doesn’t always match up perfectly with the output of the artist. It’s situations like these where the free online tools provided by PaySAFE can help, making sure there’s transparency between buyer and artist throughout the entire process. By providing both parties trust they can build on, PaySAFE leads to better communication, timely delivery of artwork (or other creative service) and fewer disputes, all the while promoting the integrity of both buyer and artist.
When selling a commissioned artwork, make sure to do the following:
Make a detailed contract
The more detailed the contract, the better. Make sure to include things like expectations (the size/length, style, subject matter, etc., if applicable), date of completion and a payment schedule. The contract is where you also need to address questions like: “Does this project require an advance?” “Is the advance refundable if the buyer backs out?” “Is there a third party, such as a gallery, that requires a commission?” “Who’s paying for the shipping of the finished work?”
With PaySAFE’s, it’s easy to upload digital files of any supporting documents, photos and delivery terms of the transaction between artist and buyer.
Good communication leads to transparency
In most cases, the better the buyer and artist are at communicating with one another, the more likely both parties will be happy in the end. That’s another benefit of using PaySAFE — our online communication platform makes staying in contact simple for both parties. And with a stored record of all communication, it will be easier to resolve a dispute, if one should arise.
The PaySAFE way
Not only do these suggestions apply to visual artists such as painters, illustrators and graphic designers, but also other artists selling their creative services, like writers, fashion designers, web designers, songwriters, photographers, et al. Using PaySAFE as a trusted neutral third party will give both artist and buyer peace of mind that the transaction will be completed only upon the approval of both parties.
For more information, check out how it works on our website.

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