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“Trust” and “integrity” are two words that should — but oftentimes don’t — go together when conducting a transaction that exchanges goods or services between two parties. By using PaySAFE, you can make sure those two words ALWAYS go together. As a neutral third party, PaySAFE provides trust you can build on, leading to better communication, timely delivery of goods/services and fewer disputes, all the while promoting the integrity of both buyer and seller.
Acting as a trusted neutral third party, PaySAFE provides a clear, detailed snapshot of the transaction, which is accessible 24 hours a day through our easy-to-use project management dashboard. When utilized, these free online tools act as a management and communication system which provides transparency to both buyer and seller during the entire transaction. Trust is established between both parties because using PaySAFE ensures that no money exchanges hands until the details of the transaction are completed and approved by both parties.
Once buyer and seller agree to use PaySAFE for the transaction, the playing field is instantly leveled — no one has a supposed upper hand. This allows both parties to keep integrity throughout the entire transaction, as mutual agreement (and trust, which PaySAFE provides) is necessary to complete the transaction. As a do-it-yourself closing table, both parties are equally accountable for the transaction.
The PaySAFE way
PaySAFE is an ideal way to buy and sell high-end goods, such as cars, boats and other motorized vehicles, as well as a safe and secure way to fund services provided by contractors, commissioned artists and more. By using PaySAFE, trust and integrity ALWAYS go hand in hand.
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