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As ecommerce as exploded in popularity over the last decade nearly everything has found a niche retailer or two in the online space. Buying and selling firearms online took a bit longer to gain traction simply due to the nature of the items being sold, but now antique and collector firearms enthusiasts have numerous reputable websites at their disposal. Below we’ve compiled a listing of some of the top websites for buying and selling firearms online. While each has its own unique design and slightly different processes, each site will have a number of similarities.
Our friends at have been in business for 15 years, and have built a reputation for quality listings and customer service. With listings for handguns, rifles, collectable firearms, ammunition, and numerous other categories, is truly a one-stop shop for firearms, hunting, fishing and sport shooting enthusiasts. The site’s search functionality also makes it easy to sort out listings based on manufacturer, caliber, model or any other specified criteria.
With hundreds of listings categorized first by state, compiles classified listings based on six major categories: firearms, firearms accessories, outdoor gear, other items, events, and services. You can also narrow listings further by selecting a city or region within your state of choice.
About as straight forward of a firearms website as can be, is focused around a more visual search for firearms and accessories. Breaking listings into four main categories – handguns, rifles, shot guns, and accessories – users can then specify price ranges, calibers, barrel lengths and manufacturers to narrow down available items from hundreds of listings.’s GunUp blog section and Q&A forums also make it easy to connect with other users within the site.
Similar search and sorting functions are found on as with the previous sites we’ve listed, but a much deeper selection of articles and featured gun reviews gives GunsAmerica a slightly different feel. The site also has a clearly labeled section for dealers, and keeps a history of recent classified listings and auctions that you’ve viewed – which makes finding recently viewed items even easier.
You should also takes steps to secure your funds when buying through online classified sites like those listed above. Online escrow companies like PaySAFE work to protect both the buyer and seller by simply holding funds until there is proof that the item has shipped or has arrived for a final inspection. Sellers are equally protected as all purchase funds are verified and held upfront – eliminating the risk of non-payment, insufficient funds, fraudulent checks and credit card chargebacks.
Whichever firearms website you may choose, be sure to closely read all the rules and regulations when it comes to creating a listing or bidding on auctions. While most sites will have similar functionality, it’s the little differences that can sometimes cause issues if you are actively listing or shopping on multiple firearms websites.
For more tips about buying and selling firearms online, see our posts about purchasing collector hunting rifles or how to tell antique firearms from reproductions.

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