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We’ve featured a number of posts about how to buy, sell, and ship firearms in a safe and responsible manner, but in all the advisory copy we’ve written in recent months we haven’t taken a look at some of the lighter topics around buying and selling firearms online. So, today we decided to take a quick look at some of the most popular handguns and rifles that are sold in America. Thanks to our friends at, we’ve managed to include both new and pre-owned firearms from a variety of categories in the list below.

Remington 700

Bolt-Action Rifle: Remington 700
One of the most versatile bolt-actions on the market, the Remington 700 can be built to suit almost any style of shooting. With nearly limitless stock and barrel finishes and calibers to choose from, this rifle has become a mainstay in American firearms culture.
Semi-Auto Rifle: Ruger 10/22
This endlessly flexible .22 is renowned for its variety and reliability. Perfect for small game, target shooting, and action-shooting, this Ruger model has earned a reputation as one of the most consistently performing rifles on the market.
Single Shot Rifle: Ruger No. 1
Another Ruger to make the list is the Ruger No. 1. Currently available in five different base models, this single-shot rifle has a little something for everyone with configurations designed for everything under the sun.
Winchester Model 94

Lever Rifle: Winchester 94
With a history that spans nearly 120 years, the Winchester 94 has become one of the go-to rifles for game hunters. Perfect for tighter areas where cross-canyon shots may be a rarity, this rifle has proven its mettle and value to sport shooters since the late 19th century.
Semi-Auto Pistols: Smith & Wesson M&P
Available in countless configurations, the M&P is one of the most popular models of semi-auto pistols on the market. Favorite to law enforcement and home protection interests alike, the M&P is now one of the most commonly owned handguns on the market.
Revolvers: Colt Python
Introduced in 1955, the .357 Magnum Colt Python is one of the most easily recognizable revolvers ever made. Given titles of “the Rolls-Royce of Colt revolvers” and the “best revolver in the world,” the Python was a favorite of law enforcement officers and private collectors until it was discontinued in 2005.
T/C Contender, First Generation

Single-Shot Pistols: T/C Contender
Newly redesigned, the second generation of the T/C Contender boasts 40 different barrel options to fit any configuration you might wish. First introduced in 1967, the Contender quickly became beloved by many for its ease of maintenance and customization.
Outside of the seven models listed above, what rifles and handguns would be in your top list?
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