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solid gold mouseWe’ve discussed in previous articles how the secondary market has become such a great place to buy and sell high dollar and luxury items, but what types of items are listed most frequently? Below we’ve compiled a grouping of some of the most commonly bought and sold items through luxury classified listings and auction sites.
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Whether it’s a cherry classic car, a fishing boat, or an ATV for your summer cabin, vehicles of all shapes and sizes are some of the most common listings you’ll find online. Most groupings of vehicles will have niche sites dedicated to specific buyers and sellers, but you’ll also find hundreds of listings on more generic auction sites, like ebay, and classified listings like those found on Craigslist. Regardless of what mode of transportation you’re looking for you’ll easily find a listing to fit your tastes on the web.
Watches & Jewelry
The online secondary market for jewelry and watches is enormous. Because of the longer lifespan of both watches and jewelry it’s common for original owners to sell their items as they upgrade to newer pieces. Luxury jewelry and watch owners also tend to take very good care of their purchases, which means buyers can often find slightly used items in excellent condition at a significant cost savings. Websites like and ebay frequently have items up for bids that look and function just as well as they did when they were brand new.
Fine Art
Much like jewelry and watches, fine art is nearly timeless. While tastes will often vary significantly from one collector to another, the internet has made it east to connect with others around the world who share those unique and specific tastes. Websites like have compiled listings from dealers and individual artists and made them available to collectors worldwide.
Antique & Collectable Firearms
Websites like have made locating rare and unique firearms as simple as a Google search. With a massive dealer and person-to-person online marketplace, firearms collectors now easily connect around the world to buy and sell handguns, rifles, and shotguns. The vast majority of those sales are more everyday hunting rifles and handguns for simple target practice, there are also frequent auctions and listings for pistols, rifles, and shotguns that cost tens of thousands of dollars.
Regardless of your specific areas of interest, if your tastes run to the luxury end of the scale you’ll be able to find a website that focuses on your hobby. As your average Joe has become comfortable listing common items online, wealthy individuals have followed suit and are now posting their wears in growing numbers.
For more information about buying and selling luxury items online see our posts about the benefits of the online secondary market, buying luxury vehicles from far away, and buying jewelry and watches online.

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