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Everyone dreams of finding that one-of-a-kind treasure hidden away in their attic or family member’s storage shed. While those types of lucky finds aren’t entirely unheard of, most of the highly sought after collector firearms are well documented and have been sold at one time or another. Just to whet your appetite, we’ve compiled a group of the top five most expensive collector firearms.
Gold encrusted sword used by Napoleon Bonaparte
While it’s not a firearm it’s nearly impossible to ignore the sale of Napolean Bonaparte’s personal, gold-encrusted sword. Believed to have been used by Bonaparte in battle at Marengo in the year 1800 prior to becoming emperor of France, this item sold for a record-setting $6.5 million at an Osenat auction in Fontainebleau, France in 2007.

Pair of steel-mounted “saddle” pistols owned by George Washington.

Pair of steel-mounted “saddle” pistols owned by George Washington
When it comes to historical American artifacts, you find a much more classic definition of Americana than a pair of pistols owned by George Washington during the Revolutionary War. In a sort of triple play, these pistols were also documented as having been owned by the Marquis de Lafayette, and U.S. president Andrew Jackson. These pistols also sold at Christie’s, New York in 2002 for a total of $2 million dollars.
Pair of Nicolas-Noel Boutet pistols owned by Simon Bolivar
This pair of pistols, once owned by the first president of Venezuela, were sold in 2004 for a total of $1.8 million dollars at Christie’s, New York. With the value closely tied to the history of Simon Bolivar, these pistols were once owned by one of Latin America’s most influential presidents.
falcon rifle
VO Vapen – Falcon Edition

VO Vapen – Falcon Edition
Created by a company that was founded in just 1977, Vo rifles have quickly become some of the most sought after firearms in the world. The Falcon Edition – so named because of the engravings of either Peregrine or Saker falcons along the barrel – sells for approximately $820,000. The craftsmen at Vo create and assemble each variable caliber rifle by hand and release an extremely limited number of firearms each year. Should you be lucky enough to snag one for yourself, you’ll be among a select company of international celebrities and royal families.
J Purdey & Sons – 20-bore Sidelock Ejector’ Over-and-Under Shotgun
Sought after by seasoned sportsmen and hunters, these over-under shotguns are handmade by James Purdey & Sons Limited of London. If you happen to have a spare $200,000 laying around, one of these unique creations can be yours.
Regardless of your personal taste in collectables, whenever making purchases on par with the dollar amounts listed above it’s smart to explore the option of escrow services to secure purchase funds while items ship or are inspected. Losing a few dollars on a counterfeit baseball card is one thing, but losing $200,000+ on a counterfeit piece of historical antiquity is another matter entirely.
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