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6 Ways to Keep Your Online Passwords Strong

Most of us have multiple online accounts including email, credit cards, online banking, and social networking sites just to name a few. With each site requiring a password, it can be very tempting to simply repeat the same password often, or keep all of your passwords simple, but simple and often repeated passwords can be […]

5 Hints That You’re About to Get Scammed

As we’ve discussed in some previous posts about online scams, the most common ways that scammers will attempt to insert themselves into your life is through email. Nowadays, it seems that everyone is receiving the bulk of their financial information in their email inbox. Banking statements, credit card statements, utility bills, mortgage statements – nearly […]

Top Sports Collectable Scams

The sports memorabilia market is one of the trickiest markets for private collectors. Very subtle differences from one collectable to another can drastically alter the overall value of the item, and the market is frequently flooded with forged pieces – especially during the resurgence of teams or individuals. If sports memorabilia is your game, keeping […]

You’ve Been Scammed! What’s Next?

There’s nothing worse than that moment of realization when you know you’ve been taken advantage of. Unfortunately, most of us will likely fall victim to some sort of online scam in our lifetime. Be it an errant click of a pop-up banner or a Craigslist poster selling imaginary goods, scams come in all shapes and […]

BBB Top Ten Scams

Each year, the Better Business Bureau publishes a Top 10 Scams of the year list to drive awareness of the variety of methods in which scammers take advantage of consumers. The BBB top 10 scam list includes the most reported scams of the prior year, providing consumers with tips. Click the BBB infographic below to […]