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What is escrow?

If you’ve ever purchased a home – or even looked into the process behind purchasing a home – you’ve probably seen the term ‘escrow’ quite a bit. In the most basic layman’s terms, an escrow account is simply a bank account overseen by a neutral third party; usually associated with high-value purchases. But escrow accounts […]

How To: Private Treaty Livestock Sales

The internet is bringing together cattle buyers and sellers from across the country and the globe as well.  No longer is your distribution network limited by your local sales barn or the state fair. Producers as demanding high pricing for the cattle that meet higher standards of genetics or quality.  Buyers also want to purchase […]

Buying a Car From a Private Seller

Buying a car from a private seller can be tricky. Not only do you have to hone your bargaining skills as you would when working with dealer, you’ll also likely need to secure the full purchase price up front and complete some paperwork that the dealer would normally complete on your behalf. So, when you’re looking […]