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Buying Jewelry and Watches Online

Some of the most popular items advertised on sites like ebay and Craigslist are jewelry and watches. Because these items generally have high sticker prices for first-time owners, buying used watches and jewelry online can be a significant cost savings – especially if your tastes are for luxury brands. Because of the high value attached […]

Buying a Car on Craigslist

Nearly gone are the days when used car buyers and sellers would pick up a copy of the local penny saver and cruise the “for sale” section. In addition to larger online marketplaces like or, buyers and sellers are flocking to Craigslist as the replacement for their local classifieds. While the postings are […]

Don’t Get Conned – Get Smart

The Internet has enabled con artists to deceive more people than ever before. published these statistics related to internet scams and fraud: 1. From 2005 to 2009, internet scam complaints rose from 100,000 per year to nearly 300,000 per year. 2. The monetary loss of scam complaints easily exceeds $300 million per year. 3. Top […]