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We’ve talked quite a bit in the past about the do’s and don’ts of shipping vehicles, but our friends at uShip are the true experts when it comes to shipping. Check out the post below where Dean Xeros, Head of uShip Motors, highlights the three things you should never do when it comes to shipping a vehicle.

1. “I know this car inside and out.”
Dean says: Inspect the vehicle at pickup AND delivery.
No matter how well you think you know your vehicle, others don’t. So it’s your word against theirs when it arrives with dings or scratches “that weren’t there before.” It’s really important to document the state of the vehicle with photos before and after its delivery to see if any specific damage has occurred. Most people don’t realize just a few minutes of taking photos before a car leaves their possession — or insisting it be done at origin if they are the recipient — can save a ton of time and hassle in the long run. It really helps remove the potential your-word-against-the-driver’s type conflict, and makes it easier to submit a claim. If you’re doing a private purchase from a distant seller, there are third-party services that can help you.

2. “I’m going to fill up the car with stuff before it leaves.”
Dean says: Let it ride — empty.
It may seem like a brilliant idea to pack your car with extra items and boxes. Afterall, it’s just empty space, right? Fact is, it’s illegal to do so. If the car hauler has to stop suddenly, those items essentially become a flying danger to those nearby (Imagine the damage a projectile iron can do at 75 mph). Also, vehicle handlers are not licensed to transport household goods, the most common items stuffed in the back seat before the car leaves. Putting these items in your car puts them at risk for hefty fines, which they would very reasonably pass on to you. Finally, if something is lost or stolen, the carrier is not liable for these goods, nor would they likely be covered by insurance.

3. “I don’t need insurance. It’ll be fine.”
Dean says: Pay a little now, not a lot later.
Pop quiz: Would you rather spend a few dollars now or potentially a lot later? Many people take their chances and go with the latter, and it ends up costing them big time. My advice is to spend a few extra dollars now to make sure you have shipping insurance and the right amount. Your carrier probably already has some base level coverage but you may need to supplement it for a few bucks. It’s also important to understand what your carrier’s deductibles are as well. You might even add coverage through uShip Cargo Insurance.

To learn more, you can see our other posts regarding shipping a vehicle. You can also read the entire uShip blog post in its entirety here.


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