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mickey mantle rookie card mintThere’s undoubtedly a huge market for buying and selling sports cards and memorabilia. And, like other markets where there’s money to be had, there are scammers lurking about claiming to sell authentic items that are actually fakes. Naturally, this is one of the major concerns a buyer has when making a purchase.
Even reputable auction websites, such as eBay, can’t weed out 100% of fraudulent items for being sold as “authentic.” That’s why it’s important to use PaySAFE’s online escrow service the next time you purchase a valuable collectible.
As a buyer, PaySAFE not only holds your funds until the transaction is complete, it gives you the ability to authenticate the item before releasing any money. This ensures you’re buying exactly what you’re paying for — protecting you from common frauds, like, for example, the seller switching a certified 1952 Mickey Mantle rookie card with a fake at shipping.
Authentication made easy
Authentication may seem like a daunting task — and yes it can take several days to weeks — but it’s a necessary step in verifying that what you’re buying is the real deal, as there are few feelings worse then the ones you experience when you know you’ve been ripped off.
Luckily, there are several great resources out there to help authenticate and value collectibles such as trading cards, autographs, tickets and ticket stubs as well as gear worn and/or signed by professional athletes like bats, helmets, gloves and more. We recommend Professional Sports Authenticator.
Trading safely
With PaySAFE, transparency is guaranteed with each transaction thanks to our paperwork-free online tools that allow the buyer and seller to create and upload a purchase agreement, upload photos, exchange messages, track progress and utilize our escrow service for financial security. If you have any questions, contact PaySAFE by email or by calling 402.881.7133.
For more information, check out how it works on our website.

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