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As an independent software vendor or developer, there’s always the risk that you won’t get paid for your hard work. The circumstances behind this are many, but it usually comes down to one of a few things — lack of trust, funds and/or transparency between you and your customer. You can avoid these situations with PaySAFE. By providing free, easy-to-use online tools, PaySAFE gives both you and your customer a mutual sense of trust and integrity to build on, leading to better communication, timely completion of software and fewer disputes.
Make a detailed contract
Making a detailed contract, or software development agreement, is critical in not only ensuring you get paid, but also in laying out the expectations between you and your customer. In the contract, it’s best to get your customer’s financial commitment upfront. Once this is in writing, move on to the finer details, including things like customer expectations of work, date of completion and payment schedule.
Payment schedule
The payment schedule often depends on the type of software you’re developing and how long it will take to complete. If you’re working alone or are the head of a small company, scheduling payments monthly or, for example, on the completion of project milestones can give necessary funding as work progresses — just be sure to put all payment details in the contract.
Work for hire vs. independent contractor
It should also be laid out in the contract whether the customer is hiring you as an employee (i.e., “work for hire”) or as an independent contractor. As a contractor, you own all the code as well as the final piece of software you develop, wheres as an employee the customer owns all code/software.
The PaySAFE way
With PaySAFE, it’s easy for you and the customer to track the progress of the project with our free online communication tools, which allows the uploading of supporting documents (such as the contract). It’s also a simple way to share any updates you might have with the customer (and vice versa). All this information is stored on PaySAFE’s servers and is held as a permanent record of the sale. In the end, it’s a win/win scenario for the you and your customer because PaySAFE only releases funds once it’s agreed upon by both parties that the project is complete.
Not only does PaySAFE work for software vendors and developers, but also for visual artists, writers, web designers and others independently selling their creative services.
For more information, check out how it works on our website.
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