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Classic car collecting and restoration is a hobby practiced by people all over the world. The use of online markets for buying and selling collector cars has added to the expansion of this hobby. The growing and increasingly global number of collectors are competing for a shrinking supply of classics, therefore, classic car experts say that collectors are focusing on building collections that focus on quality instead of quantity.
People collect classic cars for a variety of reasons such as prestige, nostalgia, thrill of the find, etc. Although the most rare vehicles traditionally bring in more money, scarcity and desirability don’t necessarily go hand in hand. In recent years it seems that the owners of kit cars, Restomod cars and lowriders  rather than owners of high-end Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Bugattis or Packards are most apt to own the largest total number of collector vehicles.
PaySAFE posts the question: Quality or Quantity?

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