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505 gibbs
Ryan Breeding Custom Rifle .505 Gibbs

Ready to step up your game when it comes to your favorite hunting rifle? There are any number of rifles and shotguns that a seasoned hunter can add to their collection that have earned reputations for being exquisite firearms.
Krieghoff K-80 – $10,695
Designed to take a lot of punishment, this O/U shotgun in the Cadillac of target rifles to help keep your skills sharp outside of hunting season. Having purchased the patent to Remington’s unusual sliding top-latch lockup, Kreighoff designed this model to take a licking and keep on ticking. With regular maintenance, the K-80 will give you an outstanding firearm for years to come.

Perazzi MX series – $11,731
Seen by Field & Stream as the lightweight cousin of the K-80, the Perazzi series of shotguns is another workhorse firearm. Available in any gauge, this easily maintained and customizable shotgun is ideal any game you see fit to put in your sights.
Ryan Breeding Custom Rifle .505 Gibbs – $25,900 and up
Hand crafted right here in the U.S. of A., this bolt action rifle is designed to pack a punch that is nearly unmatched. Crafted to handle enormous cartridges like the .505 Gibbs, this rifle will give you the power and accuracy you need when big game is on your list.
Anytime you’re purchasing a collector firearm of a similar calibre to those listed above, remember to protect your finances. Online escrow companies like PaySAFE specialize in ensure that your purchase funds are protected until you’ve had the chance to see your items first hand. Sellers are also protected in knowing that funds are verified upfront – removing any chance of insufficient funds, fraudulent checks or credit card chargebacks. Online escrow can also be very beneficial should your gunmaker of choice require progress payments while your rifle is being crafted.
For more information on securing firearm purchases, see our posts on how to tell if a firearm is real or fake, and the Top 5 Most Expensive Collector Firearms.

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