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SONY DSCSpring is fast approaching, and with it comes bull sale season at most of your local auction houses. While the processes behind private treaty bull sales don’t vary hardly at all when compared with cows there are a few extra considerations and buyer or seller should account for. We rounded up a few smart tips form sources like that any bull buyer or seller should take into account when going to auction:
Consider Your Herd
One size doesn’t always fit all. The type of bull you purchase can vary greatly depending on the size and variety of cows in your herd. Variety is not only the spice of life, but hybrid bulls can help strengthen the health and genetic well-being of your entire herd. New bulls can also be chosen specifically to help boost any deficiencies your cows may already possess.
Does He Pass the Test?
Did the bull you’re considering pass a breeding soundness exam? While not required, these exams can give a much clearer insight into the overall health of the bull and how well it may hold up through the rigors of breeding season.
The Replacements
If you happen to raise your own replacement stock, you should pay close attention when selecting a new bull. The offspring that this animal produces will be the future of your entire herd and can easily make or break your operation. Breeding soundness exams can be crucial for purchases of this type.
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