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paysafeYou’ve made the plunge and bought your first classic car or restoration project! While you no doubt have energy and enthusiasm to spare when it comes to getting started, where do you turn when a scarce part needs replacing or you’re unsure about the difference in body styles between the ’66 an ’67 models? Fortunately, there is no shortage of classic car fanatics. This is actually the perfect time to start researching car clubs in your area if you haven’t already done so. has a great place to start with their find a car club database.
Restoration Clubs vs. Show Clubs
When you bought your latest four-wheeled beauty did you do so with plans to restore her to her original glory or simply show off the work of another craftsman? Depending on your passion, some clubs are focused on helping the DIY resto owner bring a vehicle back to life while others are more focused on showing off the finished project.
Broad vs. Niche
Again, some car clubs have very specific requirements for their members. There are groups that require ownership of specific brands, models, or makes. Be sure to weigh the short term gains and your long term dreams with these clubs as you may be restricted to only restoring or showing very specific vehicles.
Hardcore Fanatics vs. Casual Enthusiasts
What’s your level of commitment looking like? Are you planning to devote every waking hour to your new beauty or is this going to be more of a when-you-have-time hobby? Again, expectations can vary widely from club to club, so be honest with yourself as to how much time you’re planning to devote to your vehicle.
Regardless of the type of club you choose, these local, regional and national groups can be amazing resources when it comes to restoring or showing your new pride and joy. As long as you’re honest with yourself in what you’re looking to get out of your newest purchase you’ll undoubtedly find the car club that fits your wants and needs.


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