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Our October must-see car show is a bit specific in its audience, but this show brings together a collection of some of America’s most iconic vehicles.
24th Annual Falcon Club of America Pacific Regional – October 11-13th
Focused entirely around one of Ford Motor Company’s most well-recognized and versatile models, participants in this show bring the classic are only allowed to showcase and enter Ford Falcons into this regional competition. Entries are broken down into eight categories – including hardtops, convertibles, sedans, wagons, vans, and more – which are then voted on to determine best of show and winners of other various categories. While the bulk of this show takes place over a jam packed Saturday, there are two cruises included, and additional events for those that arrive early on Friday or stay a little later on Sunday. For registration and more info, click here to find out more about the Falcon Club of America Pacific Regional.

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