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Middle age isn’t a time for being driven…its a time to do the driving.
There is no such thing as a midlife crisis and in fact ALL of life is a series of crisis.  But you’re older now and can see life for the adventure it is; you are a warrior.  You’ve worked hard and deserve nice things and that is why you are going to buy a really cool car and PaySAFE® is going to help you do that. PaySAFE is an online closing table providing buyers and sellers a convenient one-stop location to create, negotiate and close trades with financial protection.
Close deals with peace of mind that everything was properly documented. Create your own transaction in minutes with their easy to use step-by-step instructions.  PaySAFE allows you to create and close transactions safe and secure by:

  • Creating a Purchase agreement
  • Uploading photos and supporting documents
  • Tracking communication
  • Utilizing Escrow service for Financial Security
    • Buyers: Funds are only released once you have received your vehicle as agreed
    • Sellers: Eliminate financial fraud and scams while securing the buyer’s funds upfro

There’s no better time in your life than now! So get out there and look for the classic car of your dreams and to get you excited about your purchase check out Jay Leno’s Garage a really great website devoted to classic cool cars. After you find your car send a picture to Jay and he might add it to his blog.

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