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Remodeling is hot right now and heading into spring homeowners are starting remodeling projects to make their homes more functional. Popular reasons include,
1. Creating more space: Doing more with what you already have is important to homeowners today.
2. Customized remodeling:  Homeowners are choosing projects to make their homes more functional  for a modern family.
3. Walk-in shower and master bath: In 2013, the big trend in remodeling a master bathroom will be getting rid of the large bath tub and opting instead for a larger walk-in shower.
4. Remodeling for energy efficiency: Eco-friendly remodeling has been hot for several years, and more people are starting to make functional green improvements that provide immediate results like better indoor air quality and lower heating bills.
Remodeling is a fairly painless process if-

  1. You use Angie’s List before hiring a contractor and
  2. You use PaySAFE  for a financially secure transaction.

PaySAFE provides financial protection and better communication. Benefits for all parties include:

  • As a Homeowner
    • NEVER prepay an unknown Contractor before he has done any work!
    • Confidence that the project is completed to your satisfaction before the Contractor gets paid
    • Ability to access PaySAFE online 24/7 to view progress photos and plans
  • As a Contractor
    • Receive financial commitment upfront so you do not have to worry about invoicing, past due payments, NSF checks or Bad debt
    • Ability to request partial payments as the project hit milestones allowing you to make payable on time
    • Demonstrate your Integrity to complete the job successfully
    • All communication through the site is tracked as a part of the communication history for disputes

Remodeling and making space for a new year; money well spent.

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