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Gunning for Father-of-the-Year? Yearning to frolic with family and friends in your own backyard pool?  Here’s some details to consider while making this generous gift to your family.
First talk to neighbors and friends who have swimming pools for information and recommendations about pool companies and builders.  You should then get in touch with several pool companies and contractors and then go check out the pools they have installed. Call on local home builders or architects for references to pool companies.  Also, check with Better Business Bureau or to learn of the reliability of the builders you are considering.
You want to be sure that your builder is properly licensed and can make any necessary site and soil evaluations of your property. The builder also should know about existing zoning, building and grading requirements. Local building regulations should be thoroughly reviewed and understood in advance. Your discussions should be frank and a clear understanding reached before work begins so that you know what repairs will be made and who will pay for them.  Be sure to ask the builder about any liability and compensation insurance he may carry to protect you in the event of an accident during construction of the pool.
Once these considerations have been made use as an online escrow service PaySAFE® provides both the contractor and the homeowner a convenient location to create, negotiate and close contracts with financial protection.  The contract you sign with your builder can be the most important step in building a swimming pool. It should provide specific information about the pool you are going to have built.  The National Swimming Pool Institute points out that every item of expense for materials and labor, including optional equipment, should be covered in the contract. In your PaySAFE® contract is the date the work will start and when work is to be completed, as well as the total cost. Make certain that all promises and representations made to you orally are included in your PaySAFE® contract.
This promises to be the hap-hap-happiest family summer ever and you most certainly ARE a family man.

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