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Joining a car club offers many benefits. Aside from meeting new people who share your enthusiasm for autos, car clubs give you a chance to attend and participate in a variety of events. From car shows to auctions to brunch cruises, there’s plenty of fun to be had for the entire family. If you’re unsure whether or not to take the dive into car club culture, fear not as the price point of entry-level car club events is low.
To entice you further, here’s a rundown of common car club activities.
Club meetings
Clubs will likely have monthly gatherings where members get together, hang out and show off their cars. Club meetings follow an agenda planned out by club leaders. Sometimes club meetings bring in speakers and even have product demonstrations.
Brunch cruises
Brunch cruises are exactly what they sound like — club members and their families meet up at a restaurant on a Sunday, eat brunch and hang out. Oftentimes restaurants will offer discounted rates to club members. After all, having a lot full of classic cars attracts customers.
Cruise nights
Like brunch cruises, cruise nights are fun for the entire family. Held regularly, clubs will get sponsorships for cruise nights from restaurants or other businesses. It’s a great visibility for the club, and is a great way to attract new members.
Car shows
Most any club will sponsor or host a car show once or twice a year (at least). Many times proceeds from the show go towards charitable causes and/or go towards funding other club events. Car shows also help to raise public awareness of collecting cars as a hobby, likely recruiting future members.
Car rallies
Cars naturally bring out the competitive spirit within all of us. With that in mind, many clubs organize car rallies to keep members motivated to stay. For the rallies, cars compete for the best time when driving a predetermined route (following speed limits and all other traffic laws, of course).
Tours are a great way to get club members’ cars out on the road and appreciated by as many people as possible. Tours can range from an afternoon drive to several days and hundreds of miles in length. Tours are packed with events and destinations for club members to enjoy all along the way.
Car festivals attract car nuts from across the country. Big events such as the SEMA Show in Las Vegas not only attracts car lovers, but industry leaders as well. Festivals are a great place to further your car knowledge as well as network.
Whether it’s your first classic car kit or your third Porsche, auctions allow you to check out a variety of cars of many different makes and models. Plus, there are usually great deals to be had.
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