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Immersing yourself in classic car culture is a far less daunting task than you might think. One aspect of it that’s fun and rewarding is joining one (or two) of your many local car clubs. Here, you’ll be able to show off your classic car among fellow enthusiasts, drawing from communal knowledge and experience, furthering your own expertise and love of the hobby — even if you’re not at all a gear head.
Get to know the locals
Finding the right club to join is easy. A quick Google search shows the many car clubs currently active in your area (e.g., search for “Mustang Car Club Omaha”). If you’re interested in joining, any given club’s website should have contact info as well as a calendar of upcoming gatherings.
Most car clubs require annual dues and are built on some type of formal structure with rules and bylaws. Elected officials — such as a president, secretary and treasurer — are responsible for organizing club activities and keeping up with inter-club communication, whether it be by writing a newsletter or maintaining the club’s website and Facebook page. Besides dues, other club costs may go towards merchandise, such as shirts, jackets, hats and a grill badge (a metal disk stamped with the club’s name and logo).
Clubs will likely have monthly gatherings and other family-friendly events where members get together, hang out and show off their cars. Sometimes club meetings bring in speakers or have product demonstrations.
It’s worth noting that some clubs are more casual than others, so be sure to choose one that fits your personal style the best.
From the complete novice to the technical expert, car clubs offer many opportunities to get out and have a good time, spreading awareness of the importance of preserving historic cars.
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