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Using PaySAFE’s online transaction management and communication system, funding a transaction is safe, secure and easy. After the initial transaction is set up and both buyer and seller agree that the terms of its completion have been met, funding the transaction is the next step.
As you can see in the screenshot above, wiring money is PaySAFE’s preferred method, as it’s a fast and secure way of sending money with immediate availability. When the transaction is ready to be funded, you’ll be asked to click a link that will send you the required information to direct the wired money into your PaySAFE account. If you have any questions or concerns, customer service is available either by email or by calling 402.881.7133.
After funding is completed, you can use PaySAFE’s online tools to notify the seller that your payment has been received by PaySAFE and will only be released upon the satisfactory delivery of goods. No money will be exchanged if all the details of the transaction aren’t agreed upon by both parties.
PaySAFE is an ideal way to buy and sell high-end goods, such as cars, boats and other motorized vehicles. PaySAFE provides trust you can build on, leading to better communication, timely delivery of goods and fewer disputes while promoting the integrity of both buyer and seller.
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