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There can be a lot of uncertainties when buying a domain name online. That’s why using PaySAFE as a trusted third party escrow service gives you peace of mind that the transaction will be completed only upon the approval of both buyer and seller. In other words, PaySAFE ensures the buyer’s name will be registered with the domain and the seller can be confident they’ll get paid in full and on time.
Tips on buying a domain name with PaySAFE

  1. Verify domain name ownership prior to the transaction. This makes sure the seller is who they claim to be and indeed the actual owner of the domain name. To determine this, you can use one of the various free Whois owner-lookup websites.
  2. Both parties need to agree on the details. PaySAFE provides a purchase agreement that outlines the details involved in the transfer of the domain, including price, domain name and date of inspection.
  3. Be as transparent as possible to avoid disputes. There often can be a deadline or other important requirement tied to the transaction, so it’s vital to get all the details in writing and signed by both parties. PaySAFE’s free online tools allow the buyer and seller to upload and examine all supporting documents at any time, which can be referenced in case of a dispute.

How PaySAFE Works
Through an easy-to-use online project management dashboard, PaySAFE provides both parties with a clear, detailed snapshot of the domain name transaction. The buyer and seller should include as much information as possible, including supporting documents (especially, as mentioned above, those verifying the seller’s domain name ownership).
Since the buyer pays PaySAFE and not the seller, PaySAFE, acting as a neutral third party, will only release payment once both the buyer and seller agree that the domain transfer is complete. Using PaySAFE leads to better communication, timely delivery of domain name and fewer disputes, all the while promoting both parties’ integrity.
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The PaySAFE way
PaySAFE is an ideal way to buy and sell domains as well as other high-end goods and services. By using PaySAFE, trust and integrity always go hand in hand. If you have any questions, contact PaySAFE by email or by calling 402.881.7133.
For more information on how PaySAFE can work for your next domain name purchase, visit our website.

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