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It’s that time of year when car collectors pull their classic cars out of storage, polish them up, and go for a cruise. The destination doesn’t matter but being seen does!  Which also makes this a common time of year to buy a classic car.
Newcomers buying a classic car face a potentially confusing first-time experience.  What car should I buy?  Where should I buy it? ( and are amazing resources for classic car enthusiasts on the look out for that perfect collectible)  How do I know I’m paying the right price? ( your valuation resource)
Some typical advice for new collectors would include starting slowly, joining a classic car club and seeking advice from experienced members, doing research into pricing trends for your favorite model and, of course, not spending more than you can afford.  Most classic-car magazines focus on the expensive end of the spectrum but there’s just as much fun to be had with a low-cost cruiser.  Determine how you want to use the car.  Will it be for daily driving, to enjoy on weekends, or as an investment? You might be expecting too much if you want to drive your classic every day or sell it for big profit somewhere down the road. Get a car you’re going to enjoy…something you’re going to drive on weekends, to a local car show or cruise night.
Once you’ve established why you want to buy a classic car, what classic car should you buy?  PaySAFE  puts the question to our community of car enthusiasts to see what they think…
What do you think is a great classic car for a first time buyer?

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