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If you’ve shown interest for any sort of car — from an antique Model A to a classic Mustang to a new Corvette — there’s a nearby club of dedicated fans waiting to share their enthusiasm with you. However, many people only explore their love for cars from a bystander’s position, likely because they think finding a car to buy and joining a local car club is a much more daunting task than it actually is.
Finding a car
There are thousands of choices when it comes to buying your first classic car. While most people have a starting point in their mind as to what type of car they’d like, those who don’t can narrow the field with a little research, either online or by attending local car shows to get a better feel for the culture. Another deciding factor is budget — what you want might not be in synch with what you can afford. Also keep in mind that classic cars oftentimes require continual maintenance, so being mechanically inclined and/or knowing a skilled mechanic is your best bet to avoid frustration.
Once you’re ready to take the leap and buy a car, finding it is the next step. There are massive amounts of online classifieds out there as well as online auctions. We recommend as a good starting point to search for cars all across the country. It might take a few days (or weeks), but with due diligence you’ll find the car you’re looking for.
Once you’re ready to close the deal, use PaySAFE to make sure you’ll get exactly what you’re paying for. With PaySAFE, both the buyer and seller agree to the terms of the sale and no money exchanges hands until both parties agree that the transaction is complete.
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Finding a car club
Once your classic car finally arrives, the real fun begins, especially when you start to show off your new baby to fellow car nuts. A quick Google search will show the many car clubs currently active in your area. Car clubs usually require a minimal fee to join, but offer many benefits — friendship, an endless pool of car knowledge and a place to find the best advice on repairs, to name just a few.
The options are seemingly limitless and the barrier of entry is low when pursuing classic cars as a hobby. So don’t be afraid, get out there and buy that classic car you’ve always dreamt of owning.
For more information on how PaySAFE can help you purchase your first classic car, visit our website.
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