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third-party-inspection-250x250We all want to assume that everyone has the best of intentions. Unfortunately, when it comes to buying and selling items online, there are scam artists and fraudsters that try to cash in on people’s trusting nature. The only way to be 100% certain that what is advertised in an online classified or auction is legitimate is to have a professional lend their skills through an inspection.
Third Party Inspections
The safest way to have a vehicle, boat, or any other advertised item inspected – aside from inspecting the item yourself – is to take advantage of the services offered by third party inspection companies like The main advantage of a third party inspection company is that the inspector has no skin in the game whatsoever. Inspections provided by the seller can potentially be biased, just as inspections completed by the buyer’s preferred party can be skewed as well. By removing any potential bias, third party inspectors can give the most complete and trustworthy inspections for any item on the market.
Trust the Professionals
Another reason to ensure that you get an inspection for any item comes down to knowledge. Unless you happen to be an expert mechanic, jeweler, or gunsmith, odd are good that you simply don’t have the depth of knowledge required to complete a thorough inspection. There are some people who devote their entire careers to researching the minutia of their chosen trade, and only those individuals will be able to give you a complete assessment of many unique or rare items listed on online classifieds and auction websites.
Avoid Buying Blind
Because the internet has opened up a vast marketing for all types of goods there’s always the chance that the item your researching isn’t anywhere near your home. While the seller may provide all kinds of photos and reassurances that the ad is 100% accurate, are you willing to drop several thousand dollars on their word alone? Having a third party inspector from companies like take a visit in your stead allows you to avoid buying blind and just hoping that what shows up at your doorstep is what’s it supposed to be.
Reliable Funds Transfer
While having an inspection is always good for the buyer, that may not be the case for the seller. As a show of good faith, considering using an online escrow service to prove your good intentions as well. Online escrow holds and verifies funds upfront and simply holds those funds with a neutral third party until you give the go ahead to transfer the funds to the seller. Buyers are protected as funds aren’t moved until the inspector verifies the item, or it has already shipped. Sellers are protected as well as all funds are verified and held upfront – completely removing the risk of non-payment, insufficient funds, fraudulent checks and credit card charge backs.
When it comes to inspections it’s always smart to go with the pros. Our friends at have the reliable and trustworthy inspectors that you can rely on to provide a thorough inspection of whatever you might be looking to buy. For more about the services that offers, be sure to check out the inspection services section of their site.
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