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Doing it Yourself is a big trend in home remodeling but beware of your limitations; some projects may need to be done by a professional. MoneyTalksNews offers advice on six things to consider when determining if your project is a do-it-yourself job or not.
1. Does the project demand extensive knowledge or skill?
2. If I mess up, will it be noticeable?
3. Will I need special tools to complete the project?
4. Will the savings be worth not having it done professionally?
5. What would a professional recommend?
6. Am I putting myself in danger by DIY?
Hiring a contractor can save you time and money and piece of mind here are some tips from Angie’s List  for Making Hiring Decisions:
• Call at least 3 contractors for estimates and check references, credit history and business standing.
• Ask about licensing. Make sure the contractor is properly licensed for the job they will perform.
• If your home was built before 1978, confirm that they are meet the EPA’s new lead paint certification requirements.
• Get estimates in writing. Documentation is often the best ammunition you have if things go wrong.
• Beware contractors who give you only a PO Box or answering service as contact.
• Clearly communicate the updates/repairs you want done. A rough idea on paper is better than nothing.
After you choose your contractor make sure and use PaySAFE escrow services to draw up your plans and contract agreement. PaySAFE  makes home improvement projects stress free by providing financial protection and better communication between contractor and home owner.  Benefits for all parties include:
As a Homeowner

  • NEVER prepay an unknown Contractor before he has done any work!
  • Confidence that the project is completed to your satisfaction before the Contractor gets paid
  • Ability to access PaySAFE online 24/7 to view progress photos and plans
  • As a Contractor
    • Receive financial commitment upfront so you do not have to worry about invoicing, past due payments, NSF checks or Bad debt
    • Ability to request partial payments as the project hit milestones allowing you to make payable on time
    • Demonstrate your Integrity to complete the job successfully
    • All communication through the site is tracked as a part of the communication history for disputes

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