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Benefits of Using a Broker

There are very few things that your average Joe can’t accomplish on his own with a little research. The internet has placed infinite resources at our fingertips and opened up massive person-to-person marketplaces for buying and selling anything under the sun. Even still, there are some situations where using a broker can be advantageous for […]

Escrow by Wire – What You’ll Need

There are many options for funding online escrow accounts, including checks and credit cards, but the quickest and most secure way to fund any online escrow account is via bank wire. The tips below will help you prepare all the items you’ll need to ensure that your wired funds process quickly and correctly – avoiding […]

Online Auction Scams and Tricks – What to Avoid

In-person auctions are exciting and relatively straightforward. Everyone gets together, items come up for bid, bidders raise their paddles or placards to indicate they would like to bid, winner bidder pays and everyone goes home happy. But do online auctions operate in the same manner? Like any hobby or business practice, there are those who […]

After the Auction Closes – Next Steps in Closing Your Transaction

Congratulations! You won your bid on eBay or negotiated a successful price on, or one of the many other consumer marketplaces around the web. Now that you’ve secured your prize, what’s next? Have you decided how to pay the seller? Was shipping part of the deal you negotiated? Closing the auction or negotiating […]

Online Auctions – A First Timers Guide

Once reserved for only the most tech savvy individuals, online auctions have quickly become more user friendly. From robust, image-heavy platforms like ebay to stripped down and simple sites like Craigslist, online auctions and classifieds are more accessible than ever. But like any new skill or experience, if you’re unfamiliar with the landscape it can […]