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Tips for Buying and Selling Used Farm Equipment

Just as with used vehicles, there are definite benefits to purchasing pre-owned agricultural and farm equipment. First and foremost, if you’re looking to add some new iron to your arsenal price is always a consideration. That being said, there are some other aspects you should definitely take into consideration when looking at used equipment at […]

Screening for Qualified Buyers in Your Marketplace

The sheer number of business and personal consumers spending money online is mind boggling. In a business climate where some verticals are seeing greater than 50% of their revenue generated from online sales, how can businesses and online marketplaces even begin to separate the ready and qualified buyers from those who are just window shopping […]

Benefits of Escrow in B2B Transactions

All scales of economies have evolved dramatically over the last two or three decades – especially with the advent of online sales marketplaces and classifieds. As opportunities have opened up for small and mid-sized businesses to become larger players in their respective industries, the old approaches to payment and credit have not evolved at the […]

ACH vs. Wire Transfer – What’s the Difference?

When it comes to transferring large sums of money from one account to another there are a number of options. Traditionally, there’s your good ol’ checkbook, but checks can bounce, be rejected for insufficient funds or even be lost outright. Cashiers checks carry many of the same risks as traditional checks in addition to the […]


Doing it Yourself is a big trend in home remodeling but beware of your limitations; some projects may need to be done by a professional. MoneyTalksNews offers advice on six things to consider when determining if your project is a do-it-yourself job or not. 1. Does the project demand extensive knowledge or skill? 2. If I […]

Making More With What Ya Got

Remodeling is hot right now and heading into spring homeowners are starting remodeling projects to make their homes more functional. Popular reasons include, 1. Creating more space: Doing more with what you already have is important to homeowners today. 2. Customized remodeling:  Homeowners are choosing projects to make their homes more functional  for a modern […]

How a Family Man Spends His Christmas Bonus

Gunning for Father-of-the-Year? Yearning to frolic with family and friends in your own backyard pool?  Here’s some details to consider while making this generous gift to your family. First talk to neighbors and friends who have swimming pools for information and recommendations about pool companies and builders.  You should then get in touch with several pool companies […]

Beware fly-by-night contractors during natural disasters

Many homeowners must deal with the damage and cleanup following a natural disaster. So-called “fly-by-night” contractors often use these trying times as the perfect opportunity to take advantage of distraught homeowners. Appearing in communities right after a disaster occurs, the aim of fly-by-night contractors is profiting from the losses of their unsuspecting customers. They often […]