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You must learn to save first and spend afterwards. -John Poole You deserve nice things and yet paying for these “things” can pose a problem.  Rather than build up credit card debit, save up for your large purchases.  Set a goal and then commit to saving a specific dollar amount or percentage of your income every […]

Trust and integrity with PaySAFE

“Trust” and “integrity” are two words that should — but oftentimes don’t — go together when conducting a transaction that exchanges goods or services between two parties. By using PaySAFE, you can make sure those two words ALWAYS go together. As a neutral third party, PaySAFE provides trust you can build on, leading to better communication, […]

Funding a PaySAFE transaction

Using PaySAFE’s online transaction management and communication system, funding a transaction is safe, secure and easy. After the initial transaction is set up and both buyer and seller agree that the terms of its completion have been met, funding the transaction is the next step. As you can see in the screenshot above, wiring money is […]

How to create a PaySAFE transaction

Many people selling high-end goods via places like Craigslist, eBay or even the classifieds section of a newspaper often fear the transaction process once an initial agreement with a buyer is made. At this point, many people ask questions like, “Can I trust this person?” or “Should I trust this person?” and “What if something goes […]

What PaySAFE is and why it matters

In 2011, fourth-generation banker Matt Medlock founded PaySAFE with a vision to change how business is transacted and level the playing field for both sides of transactions. PaySAFE’s mission, as a neutral third party, is to provide Secured Audited Funding and Escrow (SAFE) accounts at the highest level of integrity and reliability to facilitate consumer […]