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Searching for a luxury or classic vehicle can seem like an overhelming and scary feat; first finding the right item and then purchasing and receiving the item safety and securely.
By using JamesList consumers can search, browse and compare listings placed by car, yacht, watch, jet, helicopter and motorcycle dealers from around the world. JamesList listings come from selected professional dealers, chosen for their outstanding inventory and reputation. They connect buyers and sellers from around the world.
In the spirit of believing in the power of the internet to create transparent, global markets- PaySAFE  allows consumers to close deals with peace of mind that everything was properly documented. With PaySAFE you create and close financial transactions safe and secure by:

  • Creating a Purchase agreement
  • Uploading photos and supporting documents
  • Tracking communication
  • Utilizing Escrow service for Financial Security
    • Buyers: Funds are only released once you have received your vehicle as agreed
    • Sellers: Eliminate financial fraud and scams while securing the buyer’s funds upfront

Passport Transport – If you’re searching for the best, look no further. Passport Transport has shipped thousands of treasured vehicles door-to-door with an up-to-the-minute GPS Tracking System so you know exactly where your car is at all times.
Thanks in large part to the internet, buyers of luxury/classic cars are able to find just about vehicle their hearts desire.  Make sure to use common sense when dealing with online transactions:

  • Never pay for goods in advance. Reputable dealers will request payment on delivery or use established escrow systems.
  • Make sure to sign a written contract before transactions are made.
  • Paperwork sent by electronic means can easily be falsified. Have this in mind if you ask for registration and identity documents by e-mail.
  • Watch out for false e-mails.None of the companies mentioned above would never contact you by mail to ask you for your account details or password.


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