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PaySAFE is proud to release a Broker option for domain name brokers facilitating buying and selling of Domain Names. PaySAFE online escrow service created the ability for a Broker to create the transaction details (in step 1)and identify the Buyer and Seller upfront. PaySAFE will then follow the online escrow procedures (see below) to provide financial protection and transparency to the deal.
In addition to creating the transaction details for their client’s ease, the Broker will also stipulate how the purchase price will be paid out. This allows the Broker to be paid at the same time as the Seller. No more account receivable for the Broker while the buyer and seller can be assured that everyone only gets paid if the deal closes.
PaySAFE allows the Broker to stay independent and never be involved with the money transfer or holding of secure financial information of the buyer or seller. PaySAFE hides this information for everyones protection.
PaySAFE is a neutral third party that provides integrity to any transaction. PaySAFE is not owned by any registrar and is an USA company. Contact us today at or call us at 1-402-881-7133 and find out how PaySAFE can add value to your domain name brokering business.

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