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Each year, the Better Business Bureau publishes a Top 10 Scams of the year list to drive awareness of the variety of methods in which scammers take advantage of consumers. The BBB top 10 scam list includes the most reported scams of the prior year, providing consumers with tips. Click the BBB infographic below to learn more.

Here, in brief, are tips to protect yourself from falling victim to the BBB’s top ten scams:

  1. Hoax News – Don’t believe everything you read.
  2. Online Loans – Research any lender with the BBB to ensure they are reputable.
  3. Bogus Customs & Delivery Charges – Keep track of packages you send and are sent.
  4. Fake Apps – Research apps before downloading them from your phone’s app store. Never click an unsolicited email or texted link to download an app.
  5. Auto Subscriptions – Read the fine print on trial offers. Do not provide payment information without first understanding the contract into which you’re entering.
  6. Phishing Imposters – Don’t open emails or click links that are texted to you by an unknown party.
  7. Lottery & Prize Winner Scams – Never wire money or provide your credit card information to claim a prize. Legitimate lotteries do not require winners to pay fees.
  8. 3rd Party Application Services – Do not provide your personal information to an application completion service without first ensuring their legitimacy.
  9. Tech Support Scams – Never trust unsolicited contact from scammers pretending to represent your computer manufacturer.
  10. Foreign Money Transfers – Never wire money or share credit card or banking information with strangers.

BBB Top Ten Scams

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