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There’s always risk involved when buying goods from websites like eBay and Craigslist. The fear of most buyers is rooted in the fact that they are buying something, oftentimes expensive, from a complete stranger. Essentially trust becomes one of the biggest issues in completing the transaction. That’s where using PaySAFE comes in. A safe and easy way to trade personal goods, PaySAFE acts as a neutral third party, providing trust both the buyer and seller can build on. Our free, easy-to-use online tools lead to better communication, which ensures timely delivery of goods and, most importantly, fewer disputes in the end.
It’s an ideal way to trade personal goods such as jewelry, antiques, art, collectibles, sports memorabilia, furniture and more.
Benefits of using PaySAFE
Using PaySAFE as an online closing table encourages trust and provides integrity for both buyer and seller because no money exchanges hands until all the details of the transaction are agreed upon by both parties. This levels the playing field for both parties, as neither buyer nor seller ever has an upper hand — whether unintentional, real or simply imagined.
And with PaySAFE, transparency is guaranteed with each transaction thanks to our paperwork free online tools that allow the buyer and seller to create and upload a purchase agreement, upload photos, exchange messages, track progress and utilize our escrow service for financial security.
The PaySAFE way
PaySAFE is an ideal way to trade personal goods after initially agreeing to buy from websites like Craigslist and eBay. By using PaySAFE, trust and integrity always go hand in hand. If you have any questions, contact PaySAFE by email or by calling 402.881.7133.
For more information, check out how it works on our website.
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