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You have many options when purchasing a classic car. There are likely several local dealers whose lots you can browse. However, unless you have an intricate knowledge of cars and/or personally know someone at the dealership, you’re going to have to work very hard to get the best price. Alternatively, there are many options for purchasing a vehicle online, like Craigslist, eBay, and
Regardless of how you buy your car, once you’re ready to close the deal, use PaySAFE to make sure you’ll get exactly what you’re paying for. With PaySAFE, both the buyer and seller agree to the terms of the sale and no money exchanges hands until both parties agree that the transaction is complete.
Here are some things to consider when purchasing a classic car from a dealer.

  • Don’t test pre-warmed cars. Cold starts can reveal if there are any big problems with the engine.
  • Check your state’s safety/emission requirements. If enjoying your car requires expensive repairs and alterations to make it street legal, it might not be worth purchasing.
  • Get a second opinion. Even classic cars should be taken to a trusted mechanic for a full inspection. If possible, find a mechanic who specializes in classic autos.
  • Be aware of insurance requirements. Oftentimes classic cars require collector insurance, which can limit the number of miles you can drive in a year and other restrictions.
  • Know that maintenance will be constant. Classic cars and constant maintenance go hand in hand. Being mechanically inclined and/or knowing a few skilled mechanics is your best bet to avoid frustration.
  • Find proper storage. Don’t park a classic car outside, leaving it at the mercy of the elements. Instead, make sure you have an enclosed space that will allow you to work on it. If you don’t have this type of space at home, consider renting.

For more information on how PaySAFE can help you purchase a classic car, visit our website.
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