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HarleySelling your motorcycle online can be tricky. Many motorcycle owners have taken the time and energy to customize their bike to fit both their personality and the style of riding they prefer, but not every buyer is going to have your same tastes. Because motorcycles often become very personal expressions of their respective riders, the tips below can help you sell a used motorcycle quickly.
Sell Your Extras Separately
Like we mentioned in the opening paragraph, most motorcycle owners will take some time to customize their bikes to fit their own needs. Knowing that potential buyers may not have the same interests can lead some sellers to replace custom components with the original stock parts to give buyers are blank slate. You can then look to sell those custom parts separately, or use them on the new bike that you’ve been eyeing.
Carefully Choose Test Riders
While you don’t want to narrow the pool of potential buyers too much, you also don’t want to let a first-time rider take you bike for a spin only to have them lay it down at the end of the block. Take any interested parties at face value, but be sure to discuss test rides carefully with any potential buyer who wants to take your bike for a quick spin around the neighborhood.
Know Your Bike
Odds are good that you’ve spent plenty of time in the saddle, but if you’re selling a quick turnaround bike that didn’t get a lot of road time be sure to do some research. If the buyer that comes knocking at your door knows more about your motorcycle than you do you’re going to have a tough time convincing them that your asking price is where it should be.
Have Your Papers
If you’re seriously interested in selling your bike you should have all the paperwork and accessories ready to go. Have your owners manual, extra keys, mechanic’s inspections, bill of sale, and title paperwork ready to go in case your prospective buyer has cash and is ready to cruise off once they know the bike meets their requirements.
Be Flexible & Protect Yourself
Not every buyer is going to have or be comfortable with a cash or check transaction for several thousand dollars. Be willing to take a cash deposit if the buyer needs a couple of days to get the rest of their funds in order, or consider using an online escrow service to protect both parties. Escrow services, like PaySAFE, work to both party’s advantage as the buyer’s funds are held securely in escrow until they take possession of the bike or have proof of shipping, and sellers know funds are verified and held by a neutral third party – completely removing the risk of non-payment, insufficient funds, fraudulent checks or credit card chargebacks.
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