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turnWe’ve previously discussed some of the shipping options when you’re working with a shipping company, but what should you do when vetting a suggested shipping company? How can you tell the legitimate, time-tested shippers from the less reliable, or downright irresponsible, companies that are listed online? The three tips below can help guide you through the process of picking a reliable shipping company, and ensure that you aren’t stuck with unexpected expenses or inconveniences.
Confirm the Carrier’s Liability
Any reliable vehicle shipper will have liability insurance. The real question to ask is what that carrier’s limit of liability is – including any deductibles. Most reputable carriers will have $50,000-$100,000 in coverage, but if you’re shipping a classic or high-value car you’ll likely want to ensure that your carrier of choice carries a liability limit up to $250,000.
Have a Realistic Timeline
Shipping for larger items like cars and trucks can be tricky. If you have very specific requirements of your shipper there may not be many shipping vehicles of that type on the road at any given time. The more specific your requests, the longer the timeline will likely be. Even basic cross country shipping can take up to a week depending on weather, driver regulations, and busier than normal shipping seasons.
Compare Pricing
It may seem like one of the most basic things to discuss, but asking around for price comparisons is a must. Depending on the requirements you have of the shipper there can be wide variances in pricing from shipper to shipper. It’s also never a bad idea to let the shipping companies know that you’re shopping around on price. Like many other businesses, competitors will often price match or try to beat reasonable price differences.
While requirements will vary from one shipping scenario to the next, the three items above should be discussed any time you’re in the need of long distance shipping. For more information on shipping high-value and unique items over long distances, see our posts on shipping antique and collectable firearms, how to ship a vehicle overseas, and shipping machinery and equipment internationally.

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