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Remington Model 700

There are few things more synonymous with hunting than a bolt action rifle. Still the rifle of choice for many big game and deer hunters, bolt action rifles are tried and true firearms that have stood the test of time. While there are hundreds of different variations of the most popular hunting rifles, the list below simply compiles some of the most popular and widely used bolt action rifles in America.
Remington Model 700
Mentioned in one of our previous posts that highlighted some of the most widely bought and sold firearms in America, the Remington Model 700 has been a go-to hunting rifle for generations. With nearly limitless variations of stocks, calibers and barrel configurations, it’s easy to see why this bolt action rifle is a staple in most rifle owner’s arsenals.
Browning A-Bolt
Sometimes referred to as the A-Bolt II, this bolt action rifle is another mainstay of American hunting culture. More specialized than some other hunting rifles on the market, the A-Bolt II is often available only through select dealers and in select models. But if those models fit the type of hunting you have in mind, there are few bolt action rifles that match an A-Bolt.
Sako 85
The Sako 85 is popular with big game and deer hunters for multiple reasons, but one of the biggest selling points is the shorter bolt-throw which allows for a great number of follow-up shots when needed. This bolt action also comes available with some of the widest variety of bolt lengths on the market.
Regardless of your personal rifle configuration preferences, the three models listed above are some of the most widely used and well respected bolt action rifles on the market. Whether you’re buying brand new from the manufacturer, or second hand from a local dealer or through classified gun listings online, these rifles are sure to go the distance.
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