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Integration Levels:

PaySAFE® provides a full API suite to facilitate the closing of online transactions at a level you’re comfortable with. Every marketplace is different, and PaySAFE® offers integration levels that align with your unique workflow.

  • Full integration:  PaySAFE® powers the closing process in the background, maintaining a seamless user experience for your web users.
  • Soft hand-off:  Users initiate transactions on your website and are invited to PaySAFE® to complete the process, including the collection and distribution of funds.
  • Referral:  Users and transaction details are sent to PaySAFE®, and we will send out invitations to both the buyer and seller.

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PaySAFE® partners are provided an extensive library of content on how escrow works and the benefits of utilizing escrow to close transactions.


PaySAFE® provides partner access to customer transaction data to understand closing percentages and key pricing point.

Revenue Share

PaySAFE® partners can earn a revenue share for every transaction closed.

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